Relaxing upon waking - an embodied revelation

This morning I awoke, with many 'things to do' poised in my mind, ready to spring me into action.  And then an unusual impulse arose in my body.  Simply to relax, completely and pay full attention to the sensations in my whole body.     

I am learning more and more to trust the wisdom of my body, and today it clearly remembered the experience I had, during Non-Linear Movement Method ® Facilitator training, of becoming aware of the tension patterns of habitual 'push' arising in the body.  

I noticed that my shoulders and belly, were tense and ready to spring out of bed, so instead, i just relaxed completely and began again.  After relaxing, I then investigated whether the muscles that tensed in preparation for me to get up, were really necessary to achieve that movement at all.  A little, but mostly not.  

The revelation was not just that I noticed the habitual tension pattern, and found a way to move without it, but that the idea to do so, came from my body, as an impulse, despite the other plans that my mind had for me.

I am looking forward to now beginning my daily morning movement practice, with the opposite of doing anything at all.  Hooray!  Just Being.  And deeply inhabiting my body before I move it at all.

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